About us

TONA features for CLIENTS: .

  • Instant estimate price of delivery;
  • Driver can make counter offer price for your order;
  • Drivers have a rating, the best drivers see your order faster, the other with a delay;
  • Real time freight delivery tracking

TONA features for DRIVERS:

  • Drivers get a constant flow of orders;
  • TONA calculates route and transportation cost (When calculating the cost TONA takes into account: loaded and unloaded truck mileage, minimum order, region factor and all other factors).

We operate from Kyiv (Ukraine). 
Contact Us - [email protected] 

Our team

  • Stakh Vozniak

    CEO & Founder
  • Natalia Vozniak

  • Alexander Karpovich

    Mobile developer
  • Alla Hilinich

  • Sergey Kalinichenko

    UI/UX Design
  • Denis Kiss

    SEO & Marketing

Contact us

Ukraine, Kiev, Rybalska str., 22

[email protected]
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